Thursday, 28 February 2013

Lessons From Disney Princesses

Puzzles are fun to do, and great for developing fine motor skills and solving problems, but here's an idea for how we expanded the learning while doing Little Moo's Disney Princess puzzle earlier this afternoon:

We counted how many puzzle pieces there are. (20)
Counted how many birds there are (7), how many are pink (1) and how many are blue (6). And did simple subtraction: "If we take the one pink bird away, how many are left?"
We discussed what differences we could spot in the princesses appearances: Different coloured dresses, hair and eyes. Then discussed who we know that has brown hair, blonde hair, red hair. We discussed what colour eyes daddy has, and nanna, grandad, granny, grandpa etc.

You really can find educational opportunities in every day activities!

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  1. You didn't discuss what colour hair daddy has?